Commercial Painting Services in Torrance

Commercial Painting Services

Coming from a construction management and civil engineering background, Buddy Paint Co. understands what is necessary to achieve successful commercial work. 

When it comes to commercial painting services, we try to handle things differently. We have a separate team of painting professionals that tackles large-scale projects for multinational corporations. 

All our painting experts are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to paint your regions. At Buddy Paint, we’re able to execute any painting and other tasks with high-speed, quality, and precision. We make it possible to find productive and constructive mechanisms to minimize disruption to your business activities. From start to finish, we provide a smooth and flexible experience at an affordable price. Therefore, we are your trusted and the most advanced professional commercial painting services in the South Bay area, Los Angeles.


We have a range of industrial paints as well. We can resist and protect your industry walls from catching black smoke easily.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Our quality epoxy floor coating will extend the life of your flooring. Furthermore, it will increase safety and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Brick Waterproofing

We can apply brick sealer water repellent to keep your brick-and-mortar exterior from absorbing water.



We make sure to power wash all your surfaces before applying paint to your commercial building.


Whenever there is a stain or deterioration in the concrete ceiling in your commercial building, then the problem needs to be fixed.


To quickly restore the appearance of vinyl siding, we can provide expertise to repaint vinyl siding at an affordable cost.  

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