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Updated: Jun 18, 2022


Are you up for new paint? Are you looking for better paint than the last one?

Along with the advanced technology, there has been an increase in the technology for paints too. Usually, people do not pay attention to the paint choice and go for their desired colo9rs only. But there is a lot f advancement seen in the past few years in paint technology. The upcoming challenges in the painting industry have led the paint industries to come up with brilliant paint technologies and offer something worth it.

Top 7 new paint technologies that you should be aware of

If you are planning a paint renovation or not, these paint technologies are worth knowing:

1. Painting tools

Paints can come better off if they are applied with the right tool. There are different tools for different areas. In the mortar and pastel time, all the paint was done using the paintbrush. But now the painting professionals come with a painting tools kit that looks more like something out of the movie Transformers. There are air sprayers that are used to paint the difficult areas in the house. Paint rollers assure a much uniform application of the paint. A drop cloth and tape that make sure that there is no mess around and that furniture or floor is not getting the ugly paint splashes.

2. Virtual painting

You must be thinking this has something to do with online sessions, but it is not. Some paint companies have advanced their technologies and offer their clients a 3D glimpse of the application of a particular shade they want. This is a great way to decide which shade of color they should go with. This is a technology which is sure to save you a lot of money and energy! So, if you are thinking of painting your hallway blue, do look at the 3D hologram of how your space is going to come out. These are great colour previewing schemes introduced by the paint companies so that you can decide on what colour or shade will make your place look much better. You can choose colours from a wide variety of colours and select the right colour scheme for your home. This way you can know how the paint is going to come out before its application.

3. Odor eliminating paints

You read it right! Technology has empowered us to make some odour-eliminating paints. These paints are supposed to absorb the unwanted odours in the home. Such paints have been reported to absorb the smell of nicotine, smoke, ammonia, garlic etc. plus they have also been known to absorb the air pollutants in the environment providing you cleaner air to breathe.

4. Eco-friendly paints

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are an integral component of paints that have hazardous effects on human health. Now many paint companies are making VOC free paints. These are eco-friendly since they do not have VOC, emitting into the air, making it polluted and increasing the energy and heat in the environment. Before there were not more colour options in the VOC free paints, but now there is a long list to choose a colour from. Now you can choose the colour of your choice while keeping the paint eco-friendly.

5. Washable paints

With the advancement in technology, the paint industries have managed to balance the right emulsions and colour pigments that can be washed. These paints are a major money saver in the business. You just need to put them and not have to worry about a repaint every Christmas. Your walls can look as good a new every year with just a wash. These washable paints also guarantee that the colour will not fade away with washing it and will remain the same as before washing.

6. Moisture damage technology

It is important to make the building waterproof. If there is water in the walls, it can result in, mould formation and flooding in the building. There are many ways the paint companies are making sure that the building remains waterproof after the application of the paint. The companies are using a water soluble crystalline microstructure that can penetrate deep into the walls and provide a water resisting effect. The painters have a moisture meter that checks the moisture content of the wall and can put another coating if needed.

7. Anti-bacterial paints

This needs to be the best technology in painting. Because many times you have to get a repaint just because of the fungal and mould growth in the walls. Especially in the damp areas of the home, the walls get chirpy and there is formation 9f fungus and moulds in the corners of the walls. But this technology is going to put an end to this misery now. With these anti-bacterial paints, you can get rid of the fungus, moulds, and foaming on your walls. These paints are made with the amalgamation of sanitary anti-bacterial products that ensure the production of germs in the area. Such formulas have been used in hospitals, labs, and health institutes where the growth of germs is prohibited.


Getting your home painted is a big fuss. But you should be prepared for it in a better way. What is the point of going through the hassle when you are going to end up with a repaint every year? You need to be smart and review the advanced technologies the paint companies have to offer. Do a little research and choose the option that best fits your demand and your pocket. The advanced technologies in paints have sure made a difference in the paint market and you should be smart enough to make the right use of the paint technologies. With these technologies, you can have the paint of your choice along with the qualities you have been wishing your paints had!

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