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We Use Top Materials and Paint Products for Exceptional Results

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

It takes more than experience and exceptional skills to get the best results for interior or exterior painting in your Rolling Hills Estates or Redondo Beach home. Buddy Paint only uses high quality materials, primers, and finishing paint from respected brands. We carefully choose the perfect option for your project to ensure long-lasting results and the perfect finish every time.

Buddy Paint services

Top Products for Surface Preparation

We do not always find smooth walls when we arrive at the client's home. That is no problem for the team at Buddy Paint. We include prep work like patching holes, filling cracks, and repairing other damage to wood, wallboard, and stucco in our contract terms as needed. Although the skill of our local painting contractors exceeds expectations, the quality of the caulking, wood patch, stucco patch, and other repair-specific products matters too.

Choose the Right Primer for the Job

The finished coat of paint only looks pristine if painters use the right primer for the structural material. We use different primers for wood and stucco so that the paint goes on smoothly, does not soak into the wall, and lasts a long time so you can enjoy it for many years to come. The Bare wood requires an oil-based primer to seal the surface. Stucco needs a water-based primer to prepare it for your favorite exterior color.

We Use Only the Most Respected Paint Brands

Homeowners in Palos Verdes or San Pedro expect the best from the interior and exterior painting contractor teams they hire. We at Buddy Paint strive to exceed your expectations with every job. Part of our promise of excellence includes using only the best and most respected paint brands in the country today. We use Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Dunn Edwards products exclusively so you can count on the results. Our experience has taught us that these companies offer paint with long-lasting color and coverage and a wide variety of options perfect for specific projects inside and out.

Buddy Paint is committed to offering excellence to every client. We approach each project in the best way so you always get work tailored to precisely what your home needs. Explore the diverse range of styles and finish possibilities in our South Bay Gallery. Among all our other promises includes a commitment to using only top-of-the-line paint, caulk, patch, and other products. These get the best results when it comes to residential painting services.

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