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Why Should I Hire a Licensed Painter?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Are you in search of a skilled painter? Maybe you have a project that you've been looking forward to doing, or you just came up with a creative new idea. Whether you're in Rolling Hills Estates, Rancho Palos Verdes, or another city in California, you deserve to have a licensed professional paint your home. Buddy Paint will be your first choice to go with.

Regardless of the type of painting project that you are looking to hire a painter for, you should hire one who is licensed. There are many benefits to having your painter be approved, and below, we will discuss three of them and talk about what exactly a licensed painter is. So, let's get into it!

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What is a Licensed Painter?

Before we can realize the benefits of hiring a licensed painter for our home projects, we must first know what being a licensed painter entails. Licensed painters have gone through rigorous training in order to acquire their licensing. This includes tests that they must pass to receive their license and a requirement of having a minimum of a couple of years experience in the field.

Licensing also includes an aspect called "bonding." When a painter is bonded, this means that they have signed a contract of client reassurance. This contract states that the painter's company will cover any losses that the property owner might incur if the project is not completed to the specificity of the contract.

Now that we have covered what having a licensed painter entails let's look at three of the benefits of hiring a licensed painter.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a painter to enter your home and make major changes to its insides (or outside!) is a significant prospect. In this scenario, your peace of mind is priceless. Hiring a licensed painter provides that peace of mind in a way that nothing else can.

Knowing that a licensed painter will work hard, utilize their years of experience, and find only the highest quality products to use in your home brings about a feeling of reassurance that only the best professionals can offer.

When it comes to your home, you deserve to have this peace of mind. Your safety and reassurance are worth investing in!

Quality Product

More concretely, hiring a licensed painter ensures that you will convert to a high-quality end result for your project. Professional licensed painters are required to comply with state standards. In addition to this, hiring a licensed painter means that if the project is not completed according to the contract, you will receive compensation that will allow you to fix this issue.

If anything goes wrong while in the process of completing your project (as mistakes are sometimes inevitable), you can rest assured that they will resolve it promptly and at no extra cost to you.

Lower Risk

Hiring a residential or commercial painter having licensed brings the risk factor of a painting project down to zero. With a licensed painter on the job, there is no chance that you will be left with an unfinished interior or exterior painting projects.

While unlicensed painters have been known to quit halfway through or flee with your deposit money, licensed painters are held to a higher standard. They are required to finish your project according to their contract, holding to the quality standards and timeline that they committed to.

Hire a Licensed Painter

Buddy Paint's licensed painters are here to produce a high-quality, fully completed project for you! So for all of your painting needs, be sure to hire a licensed painter.

Contact Buddy Paint today to discuss your project and schedule an appointment with a highly experienced professional licensed painter. You’ll be glad you did.

Frequently Ask Question:

Why you always need to hire a licensed painter?

Hiring a licensed painter or painting company that have licensed or insured provide the following benefits:

  • You will always get a professional painter

  • High quality painting services

  • Protection from damaging cause

  • Zero chances of scam

  • Job done on time

Is it cheaper to hire a painter or to do it yourself?

What should I expect from a professional painter?

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